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While reading materials on this site, you may encounter unknown technology vocabulary.  "Clicking' on any of the hypertext links will take you to the glossary page.

Your Instructor

Nicole Long 

Hello, I'm Nicole Long and I'll be your instructor/facilitator for this course.  I will be available to you in class #209, or in my office #109.  You can also reach me through my;



Welcome to Teaching with Technology at Korea National University of Education.  This is an eight week course designed to provide techniques for ESL teachers to meaningfully incorporate interactive software into their classrooms.   In an effort to make this a good learning experience for KNUE teacher-trainees, this course has a comprehensive glossary for vocabulary building and all activities will be explained with methodology in mind.

Over the eight week period, you will have the opportunity to read materials and explore instructions on how to create blogs, podcasts,  and wikis.  You will also be introduced to other ways in which the internet can be used as learning tool for yourself and your students.

During the course, you will create and use the real-world technologies that you will be learning about.  Additionally, you will interact with other class members through those technologies.  To learn more about what you will be expected to do, see Assignments.

You should allow two to three hours per week to complete your reading, activities and assignments.

Course Tools

For this course you will need;


Computer Tips

Here are a few tips to make taking this course more comfortable for you.

  1. New technology vocabulary can be found on the Glossary Page.
  2. If you are a real beginner with computers, you might want to take a look at Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy or Basic Computer Literacy for Adults.  Both sites use images to clearly explain how computers work and what you can do with them.
  3. When reading on the computer, you can reduce eye-strain by making the text larger.  One way to do that is by selecting 'view' at the top of the window, select 'text size' and choosing a larger size.  Another way to do this is by holding down the 'Ctrl button' and rolling your mouse roller.  This will make the entire page larger or smaller.
  4.  Using your 'favorites' at the top of the internet window to save pages will make it easier to find internet pages like this course, your blog and other interesting pages. 
    • Find a site you enjoy in your web search travels, and would like to save for future reference.
    • Click on the "Favorites" icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar (at the top).
    • You'll see either a drop down menu or a left side screen window pop up, depending on which Favorites icon or button you selected (there are two). Select "Add", and click OK.
    • In my own experience, it's best to organize your Internet Explorer Favorites as you add them by collecting them in folders. Otherwise you'll have a mess.