A copy of my Curriculum Vitae as well as examples of my previous work related projects and teaching videos are available for viewing on this page.  Should you require additional information, please contact me Click on the icons.

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Nicole Long


This ten minute video shows a typical example of a five day lesson taught to teacher-trainees by myself at KNUE.     PowerPointThis PPT demonstrates my own ELT teaching methods as well as those that I have taught to teacher-trainees.
Previous Education Website   Current Teaching Website and Research   Teaching with Technology Website
KNUE websiteThis website was created by myself and used by KNUE teacher trainees from 2004 to 2010.           
 This link takes you to the research and student website used in my 'flipped' classroom at HCT in 2013/14
         TT websiteI created this on-line course to help ESL teacher trainees learn new technologies for their own classrooms.  It is a fully functunal course that includes three units, glossary, homework and learner assessments.