These are my online interests.  You can click on any of the images to visit the websites.

TED   Quirks and Quarks   National Geographic

photoThis website has 15 min. videos of the smartest, most creative minds presenting their topics for an audience of their peers.  Great inspirational talks that inspire me.

photo This weekly podcast is produced by the CBC in Canada and has the latest scientific news.  Interviews with scientists from every field of study give you a great perspective of what's happening today.     photoAlthough I have a subscription to the magazine, I still love the website.  It has some great educational resources as well as fantastic articles and photos.  I've also taken part in their human genome project.
Clinton Global Initiative   ESL Teacher Talk   The Naked Scientists
photoThis organization is currently trying to solve many of the world's problems by pairing up great ideas with money.  It's inspirational and informative to watch the videos and read the ideas.          esl teacher talkThis podcast is produced by ESL teachers for ESL teachers and has a lot of great ideas for teaching, new information on the ESL world and real ideas for the classroom.  The teachers on the podcast are located in Japan, Italy and other popular ESL destinations.          photoThis is a podcast produced in the UK and consists of short news stories about the various branches of science.  There are are several different shows to listen to with themes such as archaeology and astronomy.