This is a small selection of papers that I have written and presented for conferences or during the completion of my Masters courses.

Teaching with ICT   Teaching ESL Conversation   Blogs in the ESL Classroom

photoThis is a paper outlining the benefits of using ICT in the ESL classroom.  It was written for an education technology class at University of Southern Queensland in 2006.

photoThis paper was written for an EPIC Teacher Training Orientation in 2007.  It describes practical advice for teaching conversational English in Korean classrooms.     photoThis is a paper on digital literacy and ESL.  It follows the progress of 36 teacher trainees as they learn how to blog and use electronic communication in 2008.
Digital Literacy   Teaching ESL Conversation   Corrective Feedback in the ELT Classroom
literacyThis magazine is on the topic of literacy, particularly new literacy involving technology was written for assignment at the University of Southern Queensland in 2008.           photoThis is a PowerPoint that accompanies the Teaching Conversation article.  This was presented at the 2007 EPIC Teacher Training Orientation.          photoThis PowerPoint was used in the 2008 EPIC Teacher-Training Orientation to demonstrate forms of corrective feedback in the ELT classroom