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Conversation Class Objectives

The primary goal of our  classes will be to improve communicative skills.  We'll achieve that goal together by deciding which areas you feel need the most attention.  To be successful in our class you'll need to be an active participant and remember that the best learners are the ones who have fun while learning.

The two methods that I will use most often in class are;

As we go through the semester I will be adding materials for you to download and access.  The MS PowerPoint materials that you see in class will be available as well as links to information on the textbook topics.  I encourage all of you to take the time to read up on the various topics and expand your knowledge base as well as your vocabulary.

You will have homework which you can read about at  Conversation Homework.  If you have any further questions please contact me by email or visit me in office #109 on the first floor. See you in class!


Conversation Class - Marking and Evaluations

Evaluation will be divided into two parts;

In the first session, the formal evaluation will be a partnered interview. The second session's evaluation will be a task-based group activity.  More information regarding these evaluation procedures will be available in class.

Criteria for the Formal Evaluation

Criteria for Classroom Participation

For more information on these evaluations, please visit me in office #109, ask in class or email me.