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Homework Assignment 1


The primary objective of this assignment is to promote meaningful English conversation outside of the class.  A secondary objective is to allow trainees to think about how they can incorporate conversation activities into their own classrooms.

Assignment Description

Each member of the class will be assigned a partner.  Together you will design a 15 min. conversation activity.  The activity will be presented in class. 


Homework Assignment 2

Each member of the class will open their own blog at   You will be responsible for asking one question on your blog every week.  The question should be something that inspires your classmates to participate in an asynchronous discussion.  Questions can relate to teaching, learning, education in general, KNUE life or hot topics of the moment. 

You will also be responsible for answering three of your fellow classmates' questions in the comment section of their blog.


1.  Go to and follow their three step process for creating a blog

2.  Check 'anyone' under who can comment on your blog

3.  Post your first question.  Don't concentrate too much on writing style at the beginning.  Try to make the question unique and interesting for your classmates to answer.

4.  In the next few days, visit three of your classmates' blogs and post answers to their questions.  To keep the discussion flowing, make part of your answer another question so that another   classmate can contribute to the initial question and then yours.

This assignment will continue for the length of the session.  It will be considered part of your class participation grade and weighted at 10% of your total grade. 

Create a post

Editing a post

Writing a comment

Adding an image to your post

Adding an image to your header

Customizing your blog