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Educational Resources For Teachers

One of the great things about being here at KNUE is that we can share information about teaching with each other.  I really hope that you take the time to explore new ideas and new resources with your instructors and other teacher trainees in the program.  Here are a few websites that I've found useful for my own lesson planning.

Educational Websites for ESL Teachers
BBC Learning English This site has a lot of great audio with scripts including a weekly interactive 'teen' soap opera.  Lots of vocabulary building activities as well.
Discovery Puzzle Maker You can make all kinds of puzzles to boost your student's vocabulary at this site.
Dave's ESL Cafe This site has idioms, slangs, quizzes and a great discussion board for teachers to get answers and ideas from.
The ESL lounge I get a lot of my game boards here as well as some great ideas for targeting specific language problems.
BBC Teaching English This site has interesting lesson plans, ideas and articles on English education
The Word Detective This site helps you look up the origin of an English word.
Executive Planet I've had a lot of luck getting cultural information from this site to combine with English lesson plans.
Karin's ESL Party Land Both teachers and students can find resources on this page.
Clip Art Collection for ESL Classes For those of you who want to use images but can't draw, this site could help.
The Favorite Poem Project You can find poems being read aloud on video with the scripts.  I've used it for listening and pronunciation.
Selected Links for ESL Teachers Here is a list of various websites made for the ESL teacher.  You might have to search around for exactly what you need but I've had luck on this site.