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Evening Activity

The Paranormal

paranormalThe main objective of our evening activity classes is to allow you to use English in an entertaining environment without the pressures of a regular academic class. In our first week of classes we will look at the topic of the paranormal, including fortune-telling, ESP testing and other supernatural phenomenon. If you are interested in the paranormal and would like more information, visit Unexplained Mysteries or if you want to do further ESP testing, visit Physic Science.

Watch The Paranormal PowerPoint show  used in class. 

Wine Tasting

winetastingIn our second week of classes we will take a look at the quickly growing fascination with wine and wine tasting. We'll look at how wine is made, how to select and serve wine and finally the wine tasting procedure complete with tasting three different wines. If you would like to explore the wine culture of Korea, visit Pieroth Wines to see their upcoming events and information.

Watch The Wine Tasting PowerPoint Show used in class.