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The Objectives for Teaching Presentation Class

The two focus points of our class will be teaching methodology and teaching English through English.  We'll be looking at what current education research has to say and applying it to the unique situation of the Korean English classroom.  We'll also be examining how you can use more English while teaching your own students.

Presentation Guidelines

  1. Your presentation must be entirely in English
  2. Your presentation will be approximately 30 minutes long.  If it is longer or shorter that this time allotment, you will lose marks.
  3. Your presentation should be directed towards the level of students that you usually teach.  The class members will pretend to be your level of student for the presentation.
  4. Your presentation must reflect an authentic lesson that you would and could teach.  Do not prepare a lesson that could not be taught in your class.  Keep in mind your real class size, the age and level of students, time for lesson planning and organization of materials in the classroom.
  5. You may teach any aspect of English including: reading, writing, conversation, listening.  You may also combine more that one aspect but remember that you only have 30 minutes to complete your activity.
  6. You should prepare adequate materials for the class but remember to keep it authentic.
  7. You must prepare a written copy of your one page lesson plan for the instructor and fellow class members.

You can download this marking rubric that will be used by your classmates and instructor to provide feedback and grade your presentation.