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Welcome to Nicole Long's KNUE page.  Please click on the appropriate link to find the page you are looking for.

Conversation Class

conversationFind out what we will do in conversation class including homework assignments and the teaching methods that I will use in class.  Click on Homework to see information about your assignments and get help with your blogs.

Culture Class

cultureIn this class we will explore western culture and compare it to Korean.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the differences and similarities.

Evening Activity

eveningactivityTwice a week we will get together to learn about an interesting topic in a fun and relaxed setting.  This class is casual and does not require books, paper or writing utensils.


readingThis class allows you to learn various reading strategies while reading American University required English literature.  We will be reading several stories and discussing them in class.

Teaching Presentation

TPIn this class you will be doing an English lesson for your class members.  This class will emphasize teaching methodology and teaching English through English. 

Quiz Page

quizYou will find a few quizzes that focus on our conversation class textbook vocabulary.  The page is currently being updated and will have more quizzes soon.